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Chisholm Plaza

Prime Texas is an association of construction and engineering professionals working in collaboration to provide a wide range of building and development services. These professional services include commercial property management, commercial leasing, architectural design, site design and development, engineering, and project financing. Located in the Austin-Round Rock metro area, Prime Texas provides professional services to businesses wanting to build, Develop, or lease in the Central Texas area.

EJ Bradley Co. is at the heart of Prime Texas, bringing together the resources needed to provide for a single source of engineering, architecture, construction and project management. Time, money and humen resources are important factors in determining your business needs. If you value them, then E. J. Bradley Co. is your GOTO company for your expansion or relocation needs.

Visit the Chisholm Plaza site, one of our more recent projects, to learn more about the project's convenient location and abundant amenities, as well as lease space availability, pricing options, and contact information.

Visit our Parkview Centre site to learn more about our newest project, located in the rapidly developing historical city of Georgetown, Texas. Choose your new office condominium or restaurant site.