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E. J. Bradley Co. is dedicated to delivering quality management and construction products to our customers. We take pride in our innovative, versatile, adaptable, proactive approach to all projects to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. E. J. Bradley Co. is committed to using a team approach utilizing the highest degree of expertise from our design and engineering professionals, employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

Our preferred project delivery system is design/build. E. J. Bradley Co. offers you the advantages of enhanced cost-efficiency, client/builder communication and expedited project completion, all within the design/build model. This single-source service reduces costs, frustrations and delays for you, the owner. The design/build delivery system allows you to have a single point of contact from project inception to project completion. We can also assist you in obtaining financing.

Design/Build is a system of contracting under which one entity performs both architectural/engineering design and the actual construction work.

In the "traditional" contracting approach, the owner commissions an architect or engineer to prepare drawings and specifications, and separately selects a general contractor or construction manager either by negotiation or competitive bidding.

The "design/build" team is closely involved in producing a project which meets the owner's needs as well as acting as professional advisors to the owner. The owner deals with a unified design/build team working together on his behalf instead of with a team having divided responsibility as is the case with "traditional" contracting.

Single-source design and production of industrial and consumer products has long been the norm throughout our economy. Now, quite understandably, single-source design/build has moved to the forefront of the construction industry. Design/Build contracting provides a unique set of advantages not available in any other construction delivery system.

Substantial savings can be achieved using the design/build model, in both time and money, over the traditional low bid construction approach.